The love I have for the wall comes from the fact that I was born in a big city, where concrete and bricks are the masters. I grew up watching their colors, lettering and murals, that are transforming Rome into a meeting point for Street Artists and contemporary urban art.

The wall for me is something that remains, looking in silence to the passage of time, which is often ignored, ruined, struck from the elements or from historical passages. 

It is the theater of a chaotic metropolis everyday. 

The walls of a city as a backdrop, suffer fractures of the community as they remain silent witnesses. 

The walls are increasingly being used by young artists as a canvas on which to express their instincts, leaving a trace of their presence in the world and with the passage of time, they become fascinating with the scraping of the surface and the increase of the slits. The details create new designs and intersection of colors change in a continuous transformation, as if it were alive.

This is where part of my project enters into the matter as an element to tell, by creating from one piece of artwork a new one.


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