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Speaking of this work, so immediate and direct from the visual point of view,  I found it absurdly difficult to explain, perhaps because it is an instinctive act that I do without too much thought, and that I realize only after the pictures have been taken.

So I decided to create the series works, characterized mainly by a constancy in the frame and in the chosen subject, looking at them all together becomes a new discovery each time. The groups of images talks about different cities, focusing on their differences and similarities, both within the same land and in comparison to each other. Although they are mainly images of architecture, however, they have a well-defined personality that enhances them in photographs.

These individual projects, that were still open, culminate in a single work in a continuous dialogue between themselves and between the images that still need to be made.


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Looking at my photos, which often show all the sides of the reality, whether good or bad, I started wishing that I could manipulate them to build different realities.

Combining multiple images, shaped far away from each other both in space and time, it creates interlaced lines crossing the mind. Just with a deeper glare you can see everything taking shape and making sense.

These are my first steps, I still don’t know where this tide will take me!

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Artistic collaboration between me and an artist.

Giulio Giustini who works with iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, concrete and many other supports transforming and shaping at his will with the intervention of fire.

This is the project that sees the meeting of our two arts: print photographs on some unconventional supports for photography.

Everything is born from the desire to get out experimental and unconventional presentation in which photography takes refuge. We had to face many technical problems that, at the same time, we were encouraging us to go on trying to create new and different things, getting the best from supports that were very often recycled without the expense of quality.

Going forward we wanted to create everything from the beginning, starting from an idea, to achieve a level of image processing in post-production services to the intentionality of the message that we wanted to express. The supports, that we choose according to our needs, we treat and work both before and after printing, creating unique works with character, strong visual and emotional impact.


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