China has its seed in every major city around the world: we call it Chinatown.

Local Chinatowns, are entirely populated by chinese folk living there by al long time, some times by tree or four generation. They have brought with them traditions,  colors, and  habits of their lands. They are not willing to give up their culture, while looking for the best way to melt it with the life in the new country.

My pics, shot in New York and San Francisco, look like they came from the very shores of the Chinese land. They tell how migrant chinese folk has been able to recreate their dimension, as if they had brought with their very life and tradition from their homeland: houses, shops, restaurants, eating habits and social enviroment. Walking through these Chinatown is like entering into another alien world; often the social integration of the Chinese residents with the local people is barred by excess of segregation. They live in their communities, as a separate part of the town even creating linguistic and cultural fences.

When looking at these images you are catapulted into the East forgetting where you are, just as happens in the reality.