Berlin, triumph of art.

While in Italy we are talking if artworks on a wall can be considered a piece of art, here, in Berlin, freedom of expression is the master, and more than this: you are really free, you are free to do, to see and to say.

Opposite to the modern architecture that despite its linearity lacks flexibility, we see writings and drawings appearing everywhere, making the streets and the environment colored, direct display    of the underground mood of the city young people.

Any corner is inspiring; among this chaos of lines and colors that intertwine continuously you can find an order springing out from this contrast that eventually give a new harmony to the whole environment.

The Wall, symbol of the recent history of Berlin, has been covered by artworks, managing to create a gap with the past and trying to building a new story. A new story based on this specific tide of contemporary art, that is in a precarious balance of what was and what will be.


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